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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Self Assessment by Latrisha Maynard

                                                                     Self Assessment 
Latrisha Maynard

             I am constantly self-assessing. Most of the time, it is to see what areas I need improvement in and find ways to fix it. Other times, it makes me criticize myself, especially when I do something that is not up to par with the standards that I set for myself. I think society has a lot to do with the reasoning behind why many people (including me) criticize themselves. There is competition everywhere, college for example. To get into universities, potential students have to write essays, have good grades, participate in extracurricular activities, and even then, they are not guaranteed to be accepted. It is unfortunate, but it is the way it is. That is why I am always trying to find ways to improve, and when I struggle with it, my self-esteem is affected. The best way to deal with it is to reassure myself that I am doing the best I can and that is okay. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Resume Success by Mindy Yang

 by Mindy Yang

Having a good and presentable resume is one of the most important factors of one’s professional life. It is the first impression that “makes or breaks” your chances of proceeding to the next step of the hiring process. With thousands of hopeful applicants submitting their resumes to companies daily, it is important that your resume sticks out from the rest. Here are some tips that can help you gain success throughout the resume process!
1.      Your resume must be neat! Having clear headings such as your name, education, experience and special skills make it easier for the individual to read.
2.      More is not necessarily better. Having an excessively long resume can cause the reader to get bored and get lost in the content. It can also put you at risk at repeating yourself and sounding redundant.
3.      Don’t lie! Getting caught in your lie during an interview or screening process can lead to embarrassment and definite rejection of the job that you are applying for.

Remember, your resume is how your potential boss perceives you before the interview process. You want to be displayed as an organized, straight forward and honest individual. With these helpful tips, you are already on your way to success!

Friday, February 9, 2018

: Resume by Joseph Trapani

J. Trapani

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a resume? You never know what to write. In reality who really knows how? What if you do not have a lot of work experience but you really need a job and a resume, what could you do? On a resume you can include accomplishments as well as other professional experience.  Last week, we had to bring in our resume and the professors would help us format it better. Well let me tell you this, the professor that helped me fix my resume was a godsend. Before she helped me, my resume was decent at best. The format of it wasn’t organized and there was information on there that really wasn’t necessary. The professor helped me add useful information and take away thing that weren’t necessary. She also updated the format and placement of my credentials. The final product was great and I cannot thank her enough for the help. If I submitted my old resume, the chances of me getting that job wouldn’t be as great as if I submitted my new updated resume. Some key ways to a good resume is to have good formatting, note necessary accomplishments, keep it to one page, and most important, don’t include useless information.  

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Social Media Networking Tips!

Networking is a key component to developing your professional brand. In today’s society, one of the best ways to stay relevant and trending is by utilizing various social media platforms to Network.

Below are the top 5 tips of effective social media networking
  1. Utilize each platform with a purpose – Use different social media platforms to reach your target audience in a different and meaningful way. Also, separate your personal social media from your professional social media.
  2. Post wisely – Post relevant and valuable information about your industry of choice. Research, and be “in the know” about innovations and changes.
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great platform for direct recruitment and professional networking.
    1. Use a professional photo.
    2. Create a relevant “Headline” that highlights your skills and professional interests.
    3. Have people who know you professionally write recommendations on your profile.
  4. Follow the right people and companies – Connect with people in your industry and follow companies you are interested in.
  5. Be consistent – Deliver content to your target audience constantly by scheduling posts with categories you want to release and when.

~Bridget Ofori

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

THE RESUME by Dmitry Kharitonov

                                                                   THE RESUME
By Dmitry Kharitonov

The resume creation process is essential in the process of the student development course also very important for a college student. As students, we need to attend more events about how to build the perfect resume. In such things, a student should construct their resume and use job relevant skills to the position they are applying. A detailed and catered resume will enhance the applicant’s interview rate. The resume is the heart of a student. It would determine much more as applying to different colleges and even applying to corporate positions and much more. Working on skills and having a very diverse resume is very important as long as it shares the common interests of its employer!