Monday, July 27, 2015

Stanley Tang

Today I had to learn how to land as a job. I feel it was basically a review from other stuff we learn. One of the things that stuck with me was that we should never go over your supervisor head. If we do that we will get into trouble. That what stuck to me because of her experience with it. Also I learn today what the difference between internship and volunteering work. Internship is where you don't volunteer but gain experience and work there. While volunteer is giving up your time to work there and gain experience. Personally I want to volunteer as a teacher but I don't know where. I also remember what to do when in an interview if someone ask for yours ages. I just says I don't see how that is relevant to the job but I am more then capable of doing the job. I also like volunteering and i wish i can find a spot. It is a good spot to find people to network with maybe landed a job if you did good. that is what i learn on that day.
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Stanley Tang

Today I learn about work ethic. It seem to be mostly common sense. I mean to not use slangs in emails and always be on time. Today was interesting in class when we talk about work ethic. I now know about dinner ethic. I thought the employer would had to pay for the lunch but apparently the boss does. I also learn that we should not order big and that we have to stay for the full dinner. I never knew that and I thought we can leave whenever we want to but I guess only in case of importunate emergency can we get out of it. No matter what I learn that we must never go past our boss because if we do then it will be trouble for us.  We also look at the email and discuss it. That is what we learn in class today.
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Stanley Tang 

In Monday I learn about what should be in the resume. In the past I did not know what I should put in the résumé and my now I know. I wanted to get a job for a long time but I need help making a good resume first. My brother and my mother both have different opinion on how to write and I don't know who to listen too because both of them will get mad. First we need a proper heading then we need to write down the proper heading then we need to put down your educations and gap if its higher than 3.0. We do not need to put down the reference because is better if you made the first impression instead of the person they are calling. Then you need to put down work place. After that you need to list down any reward you got.  That is what we learn in class on Monday it was interesting to learn. Also after knowing all of this I am confidence I can make a good resume and hope I can land a  job .

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stanley Tang

Today I learn about what to ask and act in a interview. I know my weakness in an interview but I have no idea how to fix it. Thanks to this lesson I know what to do. I need to try and fix my lateness and inpatient since is my major weakness. Thanks to my professor help now I know what to do and how to treat it at. I am hoping to get my first interview soon when I sign up for stables. All through it all seems common sense on what to do in an interview I must know how  to control my nervousness to and show confidence. That is what I learn today. I am the type to get nervous and it shows. All my friends knows how anxious I can and it is a major problem for me. I had a mock interview  on Thursday that week. I was nervous and it had shown. I through I could control it but I could not. I also keep going too much into detail or not enough detail. I really do have a lot to work on if I want to work on my interview skill. That is what I learn on how to handle a interview. 
Stanley Tang 
In class I had learn about networking. That was a most interesting topic. I like that topic because of how useful I found out that it can be in life. I feel it can be useful in life to get ahead of a an advantage. While most people can connect it fall on the right people on how to use it. I want be connected so in case something goes wrong in life I can have a backup plan. On the day we learn interview I learn how importunate it can be and how I think it can be use to gain favors from the boss. It can also help in an interview or hurt in an interview because what if you ran into the boss and were u nice or mean to the boss. It all depend on luck and how much people like I feel. Personally I don't have much luck in networking but it can always change. Also it can make a first good impression making the other people like you. I can see the endless possibility of networking and I hope to make a good network to fall back on. The reason why is because who knows it may pay off in the future to have connection to help you out in times of need or need a favor. That is what I learn on that day.event connect

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Assemble Necessary Information for a good resume( Heading, education, experience, skills)
        Street Address
         City, State, Zip code 
       Area code and home phone number
       Area code and business or cell number
        Professional E-mail address
        Name of college 
        City and State without zip code 
        Type of degree
        Program of study/ major
        Graduation date 
      Relevant courses 
       GPA if 3.o or above
       Name of the company 
       City and state without zip code 
       Position title 
       From mont/ year
        Action verb with bullets 
    Computer skills(Microsoft word, Excel, powerpoint, publisher, adobe photoshop software etc)
     Languages skills
     If you speak more than one language you should consider including language skills levels( fluent in french, basic knowledge in english)
    Optional sections
   Objective/ career interests
    Extracurricular activities
  Volunteer experience
   Class project
   Certification/ licensure
    Summary of qualifications
     TASK2: Make resume attractive
    Make name stand out 
    Bold or capitalize major headings
    Use bold or italics to highlight
   Avoid abbreviations
    Utilize TAB button for spacing 
   Consistency of presentation 
   Print on high-quality paper
   Font 10-12 points
   Cut job descriptions
   Use horizontal lists 
   Reduce space between sections
   Avoid small font
  Adjust margins
   Personal data ( age, marital status, ethnicity, health status, country of origin)
  Irrelevant Data ( company addresses,  reasons for leaving jobs, references and salary)
   Ask professors, friends, family, and coworkers for feedback
   Meet with a counselor
  Save a copy of the document that is fully compatible with microsoft word and update regularly 
 Email as an attachment to yourself or save on a flash drive
  Be typed 
  Have no errors of fact, spelling, or grammar
  Have skills and interests related to position 
  Be proofread by professionals
   Give you a sense of pride
   Daniel Teri

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